a website in the station's good for seo is the necessary premise, of course, we need to consider the ueo. today is the main station, bring the optimal solutions, including the chain, and exchange links, chain wheel, and other details.
link exchange should pay attention to the other party web site collected quantity, snapshots, the pr value, whether with the servers, with ip and webmasters character, etc. link exchange of best searching the same type of website, exchange not falling.
note: always check the website usually to link, look at each other's web site visit is normal (speed, included, snapshot, and whether the right down), check each other about our website links is add nofollow and deception. as for specific how to exchange links, can see on links before the article.
links to purchase: because web site early deficiencies often can't switch to high quality links, we can consider buying a link.
二:外链操作(chain operation outside)
education bbs: education bbs should not be limited in the bbs signature, can take time to keep account to send the subject placard or contribute. the need to collect resources and training and moderator relations, can the anchor text is the best.
education portal: contribute (free or pay)
each big portal: gateway website is not only high weight, but also high flow, such as in the education sector can contribute.
inquiry platform: inquiry platform outside doing chain effect is very good, like the question and answer, you send a top siwutiao. if do know it requires careful baidu, one day siwutiao can. inquiry platform there is another good effect, is "word-of-mouth marketing.
from the blog: can be established itself blog, also can use free blogging platform.
classified information: classification of information website weight is quite high, whether the chain effect or promotion effect is very good.
video website: and classification of information websites high weight, the function is also have very good outside chain effect and promotion effect.
analysis: analysis of the chain layout can get the endless chain resources
the chain resources and training to mining
三:外链策略(outside chain strategy)
做seo的站长朋友们应该外链注重的是质量而非数量,所以应该把工作的重心放在提高外链质量上。外链还需要稳定,不可大起大落,也不可群发。发布外链之后两到三天应该查询其效果,以便于以后的调整。在使用常规外链手法的同时也可以使用其他特殊手法(非黑帽手法),比如链轮。链轮可以自建博客或者使用免费(效果差),链轮如下图(最简单的链轮):do the webmaster friends seo should notice is the chain quality rather than quantity, so the work should focus on improving the quality of the chain. the chain also need stability, not falling, nor indiscriminately. the chain released after two to three days the effect should be inquires, so that after the adjustment. in the chain of conventional technique could also use other special effects (the black hat technique), such as the sprocket. the sprocket can build blogs or use free (poor effect), sprockets below (the most simple sprocket) :